RIP Paul Revere -- "Madman of Rock and Roll"

Paul Revere (top center) and his "Raiders"
Paul Revere (his real name, which explains the Revolutionary-era costuming), a Northwest rock icon, died Monday, Oct. 6, 2014. He was the blond-haired brains of the group that stood behind the keyboard. Before Seattle's Nirvana and other “grunge” groups, before the Wilson sisters of Heart, and even before Jimi Hendrix, Paul Revere and the Raiders put the Northwest on the rock & roll map. Hailing from Portland when they hit it big, their roots go further back to Boise.

Despite their flamboyant duds (predating the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper years), they were a serious force to reckon with in mid-60s rock with Mark Lindsay's vocals rivaling some of the best rock & roll voices of the day (e.g., John Lennon, Mike Smith of DC5, and Eric Burdon of the Animals), and trademark choreographed steps that pleased fans and set them apart as a premiere 60s party band.

Among my favorite Raiders’ tunes: "Hungry," "Good Thing," “Kicks” (one of the earliest ANTI-drug rock songs), and "Just Like Me" (perhaps the best showcase of Lindsay’s edgy vocals). Mr. Revere tirelessly delighted his fans in clubs and 1960s rock shows for decades, with shows scheduled well into 2015.

Thanks for the music, Paul, and thanks for staying a loyal Northwest guy.


  1. I remember watching them perform before a Portland Beavers baseball game. I do not remember if the whole family attended that game or not, but I do remember sitting next to my dad at that game. :)

    1. Way cool! I've never seen them perform, but my parents have at least a couple of times. About when might that have happened, Jon?