From Joshua 8:30–35

Crowded upon Mount Ebal’s rocky slopes, overlooking the city of Shechem, the people of Israel watched the priests offer sacrifices on the newly built altar in celebration of their long-awaited arrival in the Promised Land. In obedience to the instructions God had given Moses (Deut. 27:2–8), Joshua "wrote on stones a copy of the Law of Moses" and placed the stones high upon the mountain, signifying this land was under new authority.

The remnants of this altar still remain.

God had specified that "all the words" of the Law were to be written upon these stones. No matter how uncomfortable, incredible, astounding or stunning, nothing must be left out.

God’s people are not God’s editors, keeping what they like, cutting what they don’t. This was God’s message. Joshua was told that all must be written, and nothing was to be hidden. When they finished creating the memorial, Joshua read "all the words" to the people.

The messengers are not to change God’s message. Tell it creatively, eloquently, even playfully, but tell it. Don’t withhold a message because it seems daunting, demanding, or unpopular.

Write the message as best you can that others may know "all the words" of God.

Suggested reading: Acts 20:20–27

From my blog: Write Down These Words, devotionals for Christian writers. 

July 14, 2014

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