From Exodus 34:27.

High atop the red granite Sinai mountain, as the people of Israel waited anxiously below, Moses heard the voice of God.

The Lord spoke to the prophet of promises and warnings, compassion and justice, grace and anger. As with the covenant vows of marriage, God also spoke of the future he wanted with his people: a pure and faithful relationship that endures through both good times and bad. And when he finished speaking, God said to Moses, "Write down these words" (Exod. 34:27).

Moses was called to write. When we think of the call of Moses, we recall the burning bush experience, and the frightened Moses arguing with God about his lack of qualifications. But here Moses is called to another divinely appointed task. God calls Moses to write. And this time Moses did not argue with God. Perhaps by now he has learned that arguing with God is futile.

Therefore, Moses wrote – just as God called him to do.

For many of us, the call to write is like Moses' experience at the burning bush. "No, Lord, anyone but me!" We protest his call. We explain to God that we are too ill-equipped, too uninformed, and too frightened to accept the task. Surely there is someone else more capable!

And, as with Moses, God may tell us that he is the one who calls, that he does not make mistakes, that he will equip those he calls, bring others alongside for strength and encouragement, and he will be present as we carry out the tasks set before us.

Moses was called to lead a nation of slaves out from bondage and into freedom. It was overwhelming. It was frightening. And Moses did not believe he was up to the task. But he obeyed, and God proved true to his word, staying with Moses every step of the way. God's promises and presence did not mean that the tasks were easy. But it meant they were achievable. So it is when God calls us to write.

"Write down these words," God tells Moses. Just as he was called to confront a despot dictator, sitting arrogantly upon his regal throne, draped in all the pompous power of Egypt, Moses was also called to write. And this time he didn't argue with God. Instead, he wrote.

Obedient to God's call, Moses wrote.

"Then the Lord said to Moses, 'Write down these words, for in accordance with these words I have made a covenant with you and with Israel'" (Exod. 34:27; TNIV).

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May 13, 2014

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